Common Questions and Answers

Q: How can I register to bid? A: Most of our auctions are timed online bidding only auctions. You can click the listing found at HeadAuctions.com and from there you will be prompted to register to bid. Please read the terms for every auction as those change from auction to auction. If a real estate auction is listed as live bidding registration will be live in person the day of the auction.

Q: Can I bid on items through Facebook? A: While we use Facebook for marketing our upcoming auctions it is not a platform set up to keep track of bids being placed in our auctions. Anyone wanting to bid on an online auction should visit our main website HeadAuctions.com

Q: Why does the Auction have a specific one-day or two-day pickup window? A: Our auction pick ups are held on sellers’ property which can be under contract of sell or at a residence that may not be accessible on days other than those listed. Sometimes we may have multiple auctions to arrange pickup for and can only allocate workers for pickup on thew specific dates and times listed. We understand that life happens, and things do come up, but we offer an 8-hour window on pick up days. We have shippers that we work with if a buyer is unable to pick items up. We do not set rates for shipping or packing. That will need to be discussed with shipper. Please understand that even if you “got a good Deal” at the auction if the item ways hundreds of pounds, that item will be costly to ship.

Q: Will there be someone there to help me with loadout of my items? A: No. While we do have staff on site to assist you in finding the items you won in the auction or insurance WILL NOT allow us to assist with loadout. Please plan accordingly for pick up. This is stated in the terms of the auctions and ignorance is not an acceptable excuse to try and pressure staff for help.

Q: After the auction do you run my credit card for payment? A: We do not run any credit card when the auction ends. Most customers would prefer to avoid the 3% charge that comes with using a credit card so we give customers the option to choose their preferred payment when they pick up their items.

Q: Why is my bill more than what my bid on the items was? A: Our auction company (like most) charges a buyer’s premium on any item won at auction. Also, we collect the required sales tax for all items sold. If you have a sales tax ID, please present it to clerk when you show up for item pick up.

Q: Does the auction have a preview? A: Any preview set for an auction will be listed on the auction listing itself. It may only be one day, but most auctions will have a preview. For Real Estate Auctions prequalification may be required before a viewing can be set.

Q: Do you guarantee items sold at auction? A: As stated in our terms we auction items As Is Where Is. It is on the buyer to inspect items before bidding. While we try and list any damage or known defects for an item, we encourage buyers to do their due diligence.

Q: Can I pay for my items, and you take them to the next auction pickup? A: No. If we were to move items to a secondary location the chance of damaging that item increases dramatically. We do not want to be the cause of that damage. This is also a reason why we don’t move items for customers either.

Q: I can’t make it for pick up date and I think I’m going to have to let my items go, is that alright? A: No. Our pickup dates and times are stated in the terms for the auction. These terms were accepted and agreed to by the bidder before they are approved to bid. If a bidder does not show or pay for items won that bidder will be banned from all future auctions hosted by Head Auctions. Problematic bidders’ info could also be shared with other auction companies as well as the Mississippi Auctioneers Association to help prevent other auctioneers from trusting a bad bidder.